DevDosh Ltd Service Partners

DevDosh Ltd employ Service Partners to protect investors from conflict of interest risk

Conflict of interest landscape
The financial industry evidences inherent conflict of interest between provider and client on a consistent basis. Two major examples of conflict of interest include;

  • the over valuation of Dotcom companies in the late 90’s by analysts whose bonuses were correlated to the success of the market (Dotcom bubble)
  • the junk loading of Centralised Debt Obligations to extend the effective lifespan of a deteriorating product (Great Financial Crisis)

At any point the analysts of the late 90’s or the investment banks from 2005 onwards could have rationalised their behavior and diminished the impact levels of the resulting crises. In doing so however they would have acted contrary to the enrichment of their balance sheet. This is a clear conflict of interest between doing the “right” thing and promoting short term selfish interest.

Similar lower level conflicts of interest are being perpetrated on a daily basis. For instance

  • brokers churning clients into and out of multiple positions to collect fees
  • financial advisers promoting products to investors based on incentives

DevDosh Ltd eradicate conflict of interest
DevDosh Ltd will not allow the potential for a conflict of interest develop with our investors. We do this by ensuring that each individual in the chain of the product process is responsible to and incentivised by the success of each individual 1st charge real estate development mortgage and not by the overall success of DevDosh Ltd. Furthermore our service partners are drawn from established independent third party companies. Their allegiance therefore is to providing the best possible service and representing their company in the best possible light as a service provider. There are no bonuses or commissions for any service partner. Simply a fair rate paid for a first class job on behalf of our investors.

Roll of Service Provider Types
Commercial Escrow Service

  • Holds all investor capital
  • Disburses capital in staged payments as per 1st charge real estate development mortgage payment schedule as signed off by RICS Development Monitoring Surveyor
  • Receives all mortgage repayments
  • Disburses interest and capital back to investors

SPV Solicitor

  • Protects legal interests of the SPV and shareholders
  • Produces 1st charge real estate development mortgage agreement
  • Registers 1st charge over land/development rights/structures

RICS Valuer

  • Values land and property at  pre and post development stage

RICS Development Appraisal Surveyor

  • Assesses all aspects of the developments viability

RICS Development Monitoring Surveyor

  • Monitors the real estate development in comparison to time frame and quality requirements. Either signs off staged payments for commercial escrow service to release or initiates contingency action if developer does not meet requirements

DevDosh Ltd provide the safest 10% yield in today’s fixed income investment market. Our underlying debt collateral is the strongest available and our process is the least prone to conflict of interest or parent company risk.


If you are a risk averse investor looking for the best fixed income return for your capital


If you are a property developer looking for achievable property development finance


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