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DevDosh Ltd the safest asset backed fixed income investment in the market today

DevDosh Ltd pride ourselves on the boast that we provide investors with the safest 10% yield in the current fixed income investment market. Our boast is based on our proactive approach to both systematic and unsystematic risk management.

However the rock solid foundation that underpins our risk management activity is the outstanding quality of the security and debt collateral that we control.

The majority of the most popular investments today rely on market movement such as equity and currency instruments, or unsecured debt repayments such as bonds and debentures to deliver positive returns. 

DevDosh Ltd on the other hand underpin our investment product with the security of a 1st charge real estate development mortgage which is asset backed with a 1st charge over land/development rights/structures to a value of at least 30% greater than total capital invested (core real estate asset value below 30% requires additional collateral).   We also structure the mortgage on a retained interest basis to further reduce capital exposure.

Each 1st charge real estate development mortgage is administered through its own Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which the investors are shareholders of. The SPV acts like a bank and has a balance sheet that includes the loan value, asset value and cash.

DevDosh Ltd 1st Charge Real Estate Development Mortgage Opening Balance Sheet

Loan Value

1st Charge Commercial Mortgage contract


Asset Value

1st Charge land/property + collateral @30%


Cash at Hand

Loan payments to be drawn in stages


Cash on Deposit

Retained interest @ 15% of loan facility


As the figure above indicates;

  • Due to the retained interest structure of the mortgage a loan of £1,000,000 has a capital exposure limit of £850,000 which is further reduced by a staged payment draw down schedule
  • The asset value is at least 30% greater than the total loan value (where LTGDV falls bellow 70% additional security against the loan is required from borrower. E.g. GDV equity 20%, other collateral 10% so combined asset backing is the equivalent of at least 30% equity)
  • On this basis total collateral underpinning the loan facility is 15% cash retained for loan as interest + 30% equity/asset mix. The loan to collateral profile is therefore 45% backed (un-adjusted for staged draw down schedule)

Controllable Theatre
DevDosh Ltd investments operate in a controllable theatre. Our investors do not rely on market movements or the goodwill of unsecured debtors. In the first instance our investments underlying asset is the performance of a carefully underwritten 1st charge real estate development mortgage. In the second instance our underlying asset is the possession/foreclosure and disposal land/development rights/structures. In such an instance the disposal can be executed with a 20% discount or greater without negatively impacting the investor due to the equity requirements of the underwriting process.

DevDosh Ltd are not an open ended fund (mutual fund) nor do we act like bank. We do not raise as much capital as possible and spread it around the debt market and we do not issue loans to sell them. We take an individual boutique approach to acquiring quality debt and servicing it for it’s full term.

Lending institutions and banks are more interested in making money off application fees than they are in managing loans. They like to build a “loan book” with varying quality loans and sell the book to replenish their capital reserves so that they can write more loans.

DevDosh Ltd take the opposite view. We lend our investors money as though it was our own and we build close working relationships with the borrowers. There is no room for sub-prime in the DevDosh Ltd work flow.


If you are a risk averse investor looking for the best fixed income return for your capital


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The DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product is not suitable for everyone. Please visit our suitability page to gain a deeper understanding of your compatibility with the product.  As with all investments capital is at risk and there is a chance that you will get back less than you invested.

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