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Welcome to your Investor Risk Profile Assessment Tool

Time Horizon: I plan to begin making withdraws from my investment in -
Time Horizon: Once I begin making withdrawals from my investment I will need the funds to last -
Perception of Risk: When you think of the word "risk" which of the following comes to mind first?
Investment Knowledge: When it comes to investing I would describe my knowledge as -
Investment Fluctuation: I am willing to accept some degree of fluctuation in my investment over time -
Risk and Inflation: I am willing to take on additional risk in order for my investments to keep pace with inflation -
Future Risk Perception: Assume that your financial plan is statistically likely to fail. Which of the following actions would you perceive as the most appropriate way to increase the likelihood of your financial plans success?
Short Term Gains and Losses:  Assume that you had a portfolio with a balance of £100,000. Given the best and worst case returns for the four investment choices below, which would you prefer over the course of a one year period?
Risk Need: Given your current financial situation, which of the following describes your need to take risk with your finances, in order to accomplish your primary goal?