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Fixed Income | Asset Backed | Secure

DevDosh Ltd’s investment product is straight forward and risk limited

DevDosh Ltd run asset backed non-mainstream pooled investments (think gold standard Crowd Funding with real people that actually speak with you rather than a faceless internet platform), with low barriers to entry and a tax efficient exit strategy.

In essence DevDosh Ltd allow our investors to be the bank. We put our investors money to work by financing property developments through 1st charge real estate development mortgages, just like the bank would. The big difference being, we give the lions share of the profit to the investor rather than keeping it for ourselves.

Quite simply we lend our investors money to professional property developers in the form of a 1st charge real estate development mortgage. This type of business is called Real Estate Debt Finance and falls under the asset class of Debt.

Real Estate Debt Finance is an ideal option for risk averse investors as the debt is secured against the underlying asset of the real estate. The strict underwriting practices, covenants and protections DevDosh Ltd have in place limit downside; and in the unlikely event that the borrower defaults on the mortgage then, as with any mortgage, the property will be repossessed and disposed of so our investors don’t lose out.

DevDosh Ltd pay a premium rate return in comparison to other fixed income securities and allow bi-annual interest drawdown for income seeking investors.

DevDosh Ltd Abridged Investment Process


Step 1

Investor declares suitability and registers with DevDosh Ltd


Step 2

 DevDosh Ltd processes registration and accepts/rejects investor


Step 3

DevDosh Ltd sends investment Information Memorandum to accepted investors


Step 4

Investor completes and returns Letter of Intent to Invest with DevDosh Ltd


Step 5

DevDosh Ltd registers and issues investors security on an unpaid basis


Step 6

Investor funds account via Commercial Escrow Service

Step 7

Investor receives benefit of investment on a bi-annual or end of term basis as preferred

Investment Features


Investment Level:
£10,000 to £1,000,000
10% per annum fixed rate
1st Charge secured on land/development rights/structures

Performance Bond
Additional physical security
1st Charge Mortgage dependent – average 18 months
Pay Out:
Interest – Bi-annual or End of Term as preferred

Capital – End of term
Tax efficient exit

Safe as Houses

DevDosh Ltd keeps you safe.  Every commercial mortgage issued is done so under the strictest of conditions with security of funds and investor protection as paramount. Every mortgage is secured by way of :

  • 1st charge taken on land/development rights/structures
  • Contractual ownership of all structures
  • Performance Bond mitigating investor loss
  • Additional Collateral driven security if necessary
  • Strict underwriting procedures
  • Strict development monitoring and management procedures

Multiple layers of professional indemnity insurance from chartered Valuation experts, Development Monitoring Surveyors, Financial and Property Development Solicitors.

Asset backed investment
Capital repaid in full at end of term
Simple, transparent and secure


If you are a risk averse investor looking for the best fixed income return for your capital


If you are a property developer looking for achievable property development finance


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APAC Office
+62 (0) 877 5836 5211


The DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product is not suitable for everyone. Please visit our suitability page to gain a deeper understanding of your compatibility with the product.  As with all investments capital is at risk and there is a chance that you will get back less than you invested.

The information on this website does not constitute or represent a financial promotion; nor it is financial advice or a personal recommendation.  Do not make investment decisions based purely on the information contained on this website and seek professional advice if you are unsure of your best investment choices. We have made every effort to ensure all information on this site is accurate. However we cannot guarantee that to be the case.