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DevDosh Ltd provide the safest 10% yield in today’s fixed income investment market

DevDosh Ltd proactively manage macro and micro economic factors to ensure that our fixed income investment product protects client capital, whilst delivering a premium yield. We have engineered an environment that not only accounts for and mitigates risk but also minimises its impact should it arise. Please visit our Protections, Risk Management, Generic Risk and Security pages for a more detailed insight into this aspect of our product.

For reader expediency and convenience please find the headline security benefits of the DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product below.

1st Charge Mortgage
DevDosh Ltd lend on a 1st charge real estate development mortgage basis. Lenders have been involved in the mortgage business since the middle ages in the UK because it affords them the opportunity to protect their capital and generate yield in a low risk environment. The reason mortgages are a low risk environment is because they have two strong levels of value securing them, namely debt obligation and asset security;

Debt obligation: Firstly the mortgage itself is a debt obligation. The debtor is responsible for meeting their obligation to the lender. The repercussions for not meeting the debt obligation includes;

  • property possession/foreclosure
  • loss of other assets assigned by personal guarantees
  • reduced credit worthiness
  • reduced accessed to future financing
  • loss of income and profits

The destructive effects of the above are the leverage that have kept debtors in-check and their repayments on-time for centuries.

Asset security: Secondly if the debtor does not meet their obligation to the lender their property can be possessed/foreclosed upon and disposed of to meet their financial obligation.

DevDosh Ltd are simply putting our investors in the position of being the bank and letting them benefit from the 1st charge mortgage security process.

30% Equity
Most investors are familiar with residential property mortgage model. Residential mortgages normally require a minimum 5% deposit. DevDosh Ltd require a substantially larger margin of protection for our investors capital. DevDosh Ltd 1st charge real estate development mortgages require 30% loan equity. This means that should possession and disposal of the property be required we have acquired the asset at a 30% discount to market value and so have plenty of draft to discount the property sale for speedy disposal.

Stage Payments
To minimise Capital exposure to risk, monies are retained by an FCA Escrow Service until drawn down against a payment schedule by the borrower on approval from an RICS Development Monitoring Surveyor.

Simple Example

  • Property development is 40% completed and 40% of the funds have been released to the borrower
  • Therefore 60% of funds are still being held by the FCA Escrow Service
  • Should repossession and disposal be required at this stage the sale of the property only has to realise 40% of the loan value as that is sum previously released to the borrower.

Full term retained interest
DevDosh Ltd offer the full term retained interest mortgage structure. This structure involves deducting the entire interest payable by the borrower during the course of the loan at the beginning of the loan term.


  • £1,000,000 loan @ 15% interest = £150,000 interest
  • £1,000,000 loan – £150,000 interest = £850,000 loan draw down facility
  • Loan facility available to draw down £850,000
  • Retained interest fund £150,000 (used to pay investor yield and professional fees)


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The DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product is not suitable for everyone. Please visit our suitability page to gain a deeper understanding of your compatibility with the product.  As with all investments capital is at risk and there is a chance that you will get back less than you invested.

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