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DevDosh Ltd take a facilitative view to lending

We greet all applicants warmly and look for reasons to lend and ways to help rather than shutting down new projects with box ticking exercises. That said our underwriting processes are exhaustive to ensure our investors only fund the safest development projects and our monitoring and pay out procedures are iron clad to eradicate negative exposure within our lending portfolio.

Winning financial support from DevDosh Ltd is as simple as delivering a business plan and scheme that stacks up to 360 degree scrutiny from a lending panel. Rejections are consultative and any application which is close to achieving funding from us will be offered with notes to enable successful re-application should they be met. Such notes may typically include project supplementation with additional experienced development team members, consultants, management procedures or supplimentary collateral.

Think of DevDosh Ltd as the strict but supportive uncle of the property development finance world, rather than the grumpy granddad of banking that has delivered the traditional route to market.

DevDosh Ltd 1st Charge Real Estate Development Mortgage Features

Please be aware whilst purveying the following 1st charge real estate development mortgage features; DevDosh Ltd’s preferred clients are small to medium sized developers promoting new build residential schemes containing properties that qualify for the government Help to Buy Scheme. Our primary objective is to protect and grow our investors capital while supporting local economies and communities by funding property development projects. To this end only the best development projects will make it through the rigors of our approval process. We strive to meet the perfect trifecta of securing the safest capital investments for our investors while supporting local economies by financing construction projects that purchase materials and source labour locally and construct high quality buildings that will replenish housing stock and provide homes for the community.

  • £500,000 to £5,000,000
  • UK wide
  • Houses, penthouses, flats, mixed use with limited commercial, exceptional commercial
  • New build, conversion, heavy refurbishment
Loan to cost
  • Up to 100% for exceptional business cases covering construction, legals etc
Loan to GDV
  • Up to 80% for exceptional business cases
  • Additional security required for GDV above 70%
  • Typically 1.25% per month
  • Full term retained interest
  • Typically 1.5% of facility
  • Typically 1.5% of facility
  • 1st Charge/performance bond/secondary security
  • Experienced and aspirational developers with an experienced team


If you are a risk averse investor looking for the best fixed income return for your capital


If you are a property developer looking for achievable property development finance


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The DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product is not suitable for everyone. Please visit our suitability page to gain a deeper understanding of your compatibility with the product.  As with all investments capital is at risk and there is a chance that you will get back less than you invested.

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