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Investments can be tricky, the reason people invest can vary dramatically, some look at the long term implications “play the long game”, others want capital growth in the short term hand in hand with good liquidity, so these profits can impact their day to days immediately, and some just want a good safe investment with the main goal of capital preservation and maybe a little growth would be an added bonus.

Any experienced investor knows that it is imperative to clearly defined goals and timescales cemented in their mind before any investment takes place, after all this will ultimately dictate how and what you invest in, one thing that we can all agree on is, although we all may have a different goal in mind when investing, the real anyone invests is for profits, right.

Investments as a said can be complicated and sometime ambiguous in their nature to the inexperienced, so it is vital that as an investor you understand why you are placing your hard earned capital into a particular investment.

Anyone who has made money on an investment before will surely remember that feeling when investment succeeds and you make a profits, it truly is a great feeling.

That is why as an investor you remain grounded and keep your emotions in check, it is all to easy to buy on emotion rather on the logic of the investment itself.

Investors are sometimes lured by the excitement meaning investors will jump at the first opportunity to take part in the booming industry. Many, however, fail to sustain the momentum due to not having a concrete plan.

Investments have expanded extremely quickly over recent times, with property funds, crowd-funding, hedge funds, binary, online equity platforms, the list is endless with an abundant amount of choices available to the average investor.

So in this day and age it becomes increasingly easier to be blinded by the fog of emotion and invest with your heart and not your head.

What I am trying to say there is no right or wrong investment nor a right or wrong way to invest, only the right way and investment for you, that helps achieve your goals set at the start of your investment journey.

So in summary, please please please make sure before undertaking any investments you do all the relevant due diligence, take expert advice when needed (even if it’s not a second a second opinion is always a good idea) make your fully understand the investment and you are sure that it is you head not your heart making the decision.

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