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We recently published a brief overview of economic indicators and an idea of their importance. To further help with your discovery DevDosh Ltd have put together a list of what are considered to be the five most important economic industry for the United Kingdom.

DevDosh Ltd : Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

GDP is the total monetary value of all the goods and services produced within a country within a given time period. The Office of National Statistics provide 3 releases a quarter. On the first month they release a preliminary first estimate. On the second month they release a revised second estimate. On the third and final month of the quarter they release the third and final estimate. The report shows GDP change which is an indicator of economic growth.

DevDosh Ltd : Labour Market Overview

Every month the Office of National Statistics releases the Labour Market Overview. The document updates you on rates of employment, unemployment, economic inactivity, earnings growth etc for the previous 3 months.

DevDosh Ltd : Consumer Price Index (CPI)/Producer Price Index (PPI)

The CPI and PPI are both monthly reports produced by – yep you guessed it the Office of National Statistics. The indexes are compiled by tracking prices of a set basket of goods and services on a monthly basis and displaying them on a trailing 12 month table basis.The CPI is used by the government to target it’s inflation activity. It is also used to index pensions, wages and benefits.

DevDosh Ltd : Balance of Payments

The Office of National Statistics – who else – provides this report on a quarterly basis. The report summarises the UK’s financial dealings with the rest of the world. The report divides into 3 main categories. These categories are UK current account, UK capital account and UK financial account. The report details the UK’s trade in goods and services, income, current & capital transfers and asset liabilities.

DevDosh Ltd : Household Expenditure

The consumer trends report includes the UK household expenditure information. I wont even say who produces this report because I thinking the reader can probably see a pattern emerging by now. Household expenditure as the name suggests shows what households have been spending on goods and services. The figures are displayed in both monetary and volume terms over the previous quarter.

They are the top five headline acts of the economic indicator world. There are many many more though. Indicators run through every part of business and it is by nailing the indicators that effect your investment sector on both a macro and micro level that you will keep you ahead of the game.

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