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Depending on who you ask will depend on whether or not the UK property market is thriving or it is going through uncertain times.

Ten years have passed us by since the last financial crash in 2008 and one thing is for sure, the UK property markets have yet to return to pre-2008 levels.

Lending criteria has become more stringent, but for those who qualify the mortgages available are very competitive thanks to record low interest rates. This is not enough to help many first-time buyers as we may have record low interest rates, but unfortunately this go hand in hand with record high deposits needed to secure a UK property.

I not going to go into any details as I have no doubt if you are reading this, you are more than aware of this chronic housing shortage the UK is suffering from right now, making this a sellers-market more than ever.

There are also many other things happening in the wider world right now making for some very uncertain times both politically and economically.

One of these factors is massive uncertainty when it comes to the stock markets (again depending on who you speak to and their opnion) especially since the trump bump came to such an abrupt end.

With that said the S&P has a fantastic time of it this year and is operating within a hairs breadth of its all- time highs though there has most definitely been a change in mood over the past few weeks.

The UK has also been affected by political unrest in the US as well as the heinous terror attacks on mainland Europe.

He is the president of the United States of America so you would expect him to get a considerable amount of media coverage, but it seems Donald Trump is the only news that anyone cares about at the moment, and it would be fair to say that many that were once supporters now feel he is doing more harm than good.

With North Korea seemingly on the verge of war surely now is the time for negotiation and reconciliation?

Coming back to the economy, one has to say that the US markets have performed admirably over the course of the last 12 months even so we see a growing trend in the UK towards property purchase as opposed to direct stock market investment.

UK property has wobbled a little as of late but overall UK house prices have held up pretty well overall, a big contributing factor for this is a huge reduction in the amount of people moving house.

Historically movement in the market would be comprised of people upsizing and downsizing but that is no longer the case.

Fewer elderly citizens are prepared to downside because of the additional stamp duty costs.

Even fewer people can afford to upsize whether they want to or not, It is worth noting that many people who would like to upsize are struggling to raise the finance.

Over the next four or five years we should see some sizable investment in housing stock, whether this is council housing or an increase in first-time buyer properties.

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