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Currently DevDosh Ltd just found out a UK property fund based in London has raised over 182 million GBP with the help of 8 institutional investors, they look to capitalize on the post-Brexit situation and aquire UK property at knock down prices.

First Property said in a statement on Monday it raised the money to “take advantage of the slowdown in the UK commercial property market since” the June referendum last year.

The additional funds raised by these institutional investors brings the total amount in the UK property fund to 250 million GBP.

First Property CEO Ben Habib said: “The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created opportunities on which we, as a niche fund manager, are well placed to capitalize.”

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union had a detrimental effect on UK commercial Property investment, with as many as 9 property investment funds having to halt trading in the wake of the decision. This saw nearly 15 Billion GDP of capital frozen as investors raced to pull their money out, with many of the funds unable to give investors their money back as they were not liquid and funds struggled to sell the properties at market value.

DevDosh Ltd also sees the UK property funds that are being forced to sell properties quickly as investors scramble for their money has created an ideal opportunity for First Property to pick up UK properties at discount prices.

The fund has a different fee structure to most of its peers, and won’t charge a management fee. Instead, managers will take a share in the profits over the seven-year life of the fund, with the level determined by the annual rate of return.

“Our confidence in the fund’s prospects is also demonstrated by our decision to determine our entire economic benefit from it by reference only to the profits it earns,” Habib said.

First Property said it expects total assets under management to grow from £477 million to more than £750 million as part of its investing drive.

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