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In recent years DevDosh Ltd has seen the emergence of many different options when it comes to UK property finance such as bridging finance, self-build loans, various development finance and also agricultural and mezzanine finance becoming ever increasingly available.

Now each of these finance options is well suited for a particular purpose with various pro’s and con’s for each type of finance vehicle.

DevDosh Ltd might could give you a carefull consideration should be given to which one of these options best suits the task in hand as picking the wrong type of UK property finance can be very costly indeed.

With that said one thing is for sure there has never been a better time to aquire finance, with record low interest rates we are currently seeing it is most definitely a borrowers market.

If DevDosh Ltd firstly look at bridging finance we can see that this type of finance can be very flexible as it can be used for both the function of business and private property uses, this also applies to international mortgages and auction finance.

Other finance options designed with a particular task in mind and are meant for a sole or specific purpose with the likes of mezzanine finance, development finance and stretch senior debt all fitting this criteria.

These finance types are dependent upon the business or a portion of the business as collateral for the loan.

Mezzanine finance is an amalgamation of property debt, borrowing and business equity and typically this option is often used in the face of higher risk enterprises, and will be secured as a second charge loan.

A property developer may utilize mezzanine finance to obtain further funding above that which was secured from the 1st charge and used when does not allow for other forms of finance.

The loan will be secured against shares in the property development itself or assets within the property developers portfolio.

This will also require the property developer to have a business to which he can offer shares as further collateral should it be needed.

For more information regarding property development finance investment as a 1st charge please visit DevDosh Ltd today.