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There are still many people sitting on the fence and playing it safe when it comes to UK property investments, as they wait to see what the Pandora’s box that is Brexit still has in store for us.

While homegrown investments are still holding steady, overseas investments from likes of China, India and the Gulf States remains strong, showing the confidence that the UK property markets still hold in foreign lands.

One person still flying the flag and who still remains optimistic regarding the UK property markets is Invesco Perpetual fund manager Mark Barnett, who is currently responsible for running of the £5.4bn Invesco Perpetual Income fund, the £10.9bn Invesco Perpetual High-Income fund, and the £1.7bn Edinburgh Investment Trust.

So if Mark has something to say is certainly makes sense to listen.

He is of the opinion that UK investors are being too pessimistic about the outlook for the UK economy, and for sterling, and he puts his money where his mouth is with this opinion and has been buying UK property shares as he prepares his portfolios for post-Brexit Britain.

Mark sees now as an opportunity to make good returns in the UK property market as he believes that the market is sufficiently pessimistic about the outlook for the UK economy that even a marginal improvement would trigger significant appreciation in the shares of some UK focused companies.

Mr. Barnett said: “My central scenario is for the UK to trade effectively with Europe post-Brexit, supported by specific protocols covering key industries while anticipating that some volatility in performance will persist.”

He said some UK domestic shares at trading at valuations which have not been seen since the financial crisis.

He also believes that many sectors of the UK property markets have dropped to artificially low valuations, and with sustained demand within London office market, yet property companies invested in that area trade at a material discount to their net assets

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