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The changes in tax and stamp duty, along the uncertain political and economic climate produce as a direct result of the Brexit vote has seen UK landlords losing ground to their counter-parts in Europe in the rankings of best places to invest in property in Europe.

New research by payments group WorldFirst has seen the UK dropping 10 places in the European buy-to-let rankings in just 12 months – from 15th place last year to 25th place this year.

Ireland tops the charts with Malta, Portugal, Netherlands and Slovakia staking their claim as the next European hotspot, with low property prices, but high rental averages.

Propping up the table at the bottom is Sweden, Croatia, France and Austria, with high property prices and dormant rents.

2017 rank             Country                Average rental yield (%)

1                            Ireland                 7.08

2                            Malta                      6.64

3                            Portugal                  6.43

4                            Netherlands            6.27

5                            Slovakia                  6.12

6                            Belgium                   5.96

7                            Turkey                     5.91

8                            Bulgaria                   5.77

9                            Cyprus                     5.70

10                          Hungary                   5.59

11                          Latvia                        5.44

12                          Spain                         5.39

13                          Poland                       5.34

14                          Romania                    5.17

15                          Denmark                    5.08

16                          Slovenia                     4.59

17                           Estonia                      4.55

18                           Finland                      4.52

19                           Czech Republic         4.47

20                           Greece                      0.044

21                           Lithuania                   4.22

22                           Luxembourg              4.21

23                            Italy                          4.08

24                          Germany                    4.03

25                           UK                            4.00

26                          Austria                       3.91

27                          France                       3.82

28                          Croatia                      3.82

29                          Sweden                    3.03

WorldFirst’s Edward Hardy said: “The correlation between a country’s housing sector and the health of the wider economy is clear.

“It may now be the case that the deteriorating dynamics of the UK’s rental market is sounding the alarm for a wider slowdown in residential housing and thereby broader economic wellbeing.”

In response to all the recent changes that UK landlords have had to contend with like, stamp duty, tax changes, tighter lending criteria, the average yields on British buy-to-let properties has dropped from 4.91 per cent to 4 per cent in the past year.

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