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UK buy-to-let property investors are not as concerned as first thought with the recent changes to mortgage tax relief and the effect this will have on their returns, buy-to-let investors are now looking further down the line and see long term growth as the most important point, according to new research from buy-to-let investment platform Property Partner.

As far as DevDosh Ltd concerned, the UK property investment market is secure and can offer a safe long term investment that can show ample returns, this is the finding of Property Partners research.

The changes that took place in April to cut mortgage tax relief and increase stamp duty has done nothing to alter the view of 57% of buy-to-let investors who still see this as their best option for UK property investment.

The recent survey showed that landlords see risk avoidance as less of an issue when considering a UK property investment as they are more than confident that in the long-term the investment will come good, regardless of current trends with all the political uncertainty in the UK

The research which DevDosh Ltd found was done by Property Partner and uncovered some very interesting statistics since records began back in 1972 there has never been a five year period showing a negative total return on UK residential property investments.

These statistics are the reason why Property Partners are so surprised that more UK investors are not diversifying into UK property.

Most financial analysts would agree when it comes to minimizing risk and diversifying portfolio’s, the UK property investment is one of the best options out there, unfortunately, this sentiment is only shared by 19% of UK investors.

In DevDosh Ltd opinion, some of the key points that are making potential UK property investors reluctant to invest is the sheer volume of red tape, paperwork and the nauseating thought of dealing with tenants.

Amid the historic barriers to entry, just 11% of would be landlords believe investing in property is easy and the majority of those, 51%, are put off by having to manage tenants.

‘This research underscores the confidence being shown in the buy to let sector across the UK. It really highlights that, despite efforts to increase the tax take from landlords, investors continue to be bullish and see property as a secure, long term investment,’ said Dan Gandesha, chief executive officer of Property Partner.

‘With no end in sight to the acute shortage in housing stock, there is an inevitability to the continuing upward pressure on prices. In the long term, prices are expected to rise faster than the rate of inflation, economic growth and wages, despite recent political uncertainty,’ he added.

If you are one of the many UK investors that would like to take advantage of the UK property market but also put off by all of the red tape and tenants, visit DevDosh Ltd today to find more information on our Special Purpose Vehicle UK property investments.