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Lately DevDosh Ltd covered that the UK remains the first choice and number one favorite location for property investors, according to the latest research by BrickVest.

Investors preferred location:

  • 31% United Kingdom
  • 24% Germany
  • 22% United States
  • 15% France

UK investors demand for property is increasing as well as their appetite for risk as it increased from 49 to 51%

Regardless of the vote to leave Europe one in three property investors say that the UK is still their destination of choice, the UK have been the number one destination since June 2016.

While the UK has seen no change in the number of investors wanting to purchase property, Germany saw investors willing to invest drop from 28% to 24%, the US saw no change and France saw a slight increase to 15% up from 13% from June 2016.

The survey did show that more than ever French, German and US investors see the UK as the most preferable location to invest into property.

  • 24% of French an increase from 22%
  • 19% of Germans up from 18%
  • 23% of US rising from 20%

The investment aim of the majority of these investors is capital growth (47%) with 37% stating their objective as income.

Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO at BrickVest, told DevDosh Ltd: “Despite a series of significant events over the past 12 months including Brexit, our latest Barometer shows the UK remains the preferred location to invest in from our global investor base. Since the vote in June last year, we’ve seen a 72% increase in the number of investors joining the platform and are seeing plenty of appetite from investors for property as an asset class.”

In DevDosh Ltd opinion, this survey is reassuring for current UK property investors that may have been feeling a little jaded due to all the scare-mongering we have seen lately in the mainstream media regarding the United Kingdom’s current political climate, once again the UK property market has shown its resilience to economic and political changes to remain as the leader in property investment as it has done time and time again.

This along with the strength of the UK’s alternative property market shows UK property investors that property in the UK as an asset class is still the way forward to achieve maximum returns on their investments.

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