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DevDosh Ltd lend capital to residential property developers by way of real estate development mortgage. On that basis we keep abreast of market movements. It is in the interests of our investors that we deploy their hard earned money into areas where property developers are likely to be most successful. Property developers that construct homes in the best up and coming areas are most likely to get the best exit funding offers from institutional lenders and be in a position to roll onto their next project. This enables on time or even early mortgage redemption (don’t worry DevDosh Ltd investors still get their full return even if the property developer pays back early) and the opportunity to fund their next development project.

So lets have a look at three regional residential property markets that will grow substantially in value over the next 5 years. If you take the UK as a whole including Scotland the three cities in the list fall top, middle and bottom of the nation.

The cities in pole position to benefit from the buoyed UK economy and boost in confidence are Edinburgh, Manchester and Slough. These cities already have solid residential markets and strong employment.

Edinburgh is expected to see high economic expansion in comparison to the rest of Scotland. This is set to positively impact both residential property price and the rental market.

In Manchester the prices for residential property are still rising as demand out strips supply in spite of new inventory being delivered regularly.

Slough is becoming the jewel in the South East property investment crown. Soon to benefit from the QE train link to the City of London, a brand new shopping complex, and it sits adjacent to the largest trading estate in Europe and is a stones throw away from Heathrow.  

All this is great news for property developers, property investors and buy to let landlords up and down this fair isle.

If you are not to interested in property viewing, management and the time and effort needed to make residential property development work; or if you have a property portfolio already and it’s time to protect yourself and your family through diversification into other asset classes – then it may be time to contact DevDosh Ltd. We provide the safest 10% fixed income investment product in the current market. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.