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DevDosh Ltd agreed to the UK property developer and investor Sean Mulryan head of Ballymore Group which has shown he has a little of the ‘luck of the Irish’ and has proven that his choice many moons ago to invest in London’s docklands was the right decision and one that he is reaping the rewards from to this day.

Sean Mulryan’s foresight and shrewd investment stratergy in the UK property markets has seen him included onto the Estates Gazette 2017 ‘power list’

The Estates Gazette said of Mulryan he’s “a survivor of one of the biggest downturns who continues to be involved in the industry’s most important developments”.

Mulryans robust UK property portfolio has shot him to number 47 on the list.

Mr Mulryan is the only Irish businessman to be added to the list.

This is quite an achievement and not one to be understated as the Estates Gazette is the seen as the hallmark publication in the UK property development and investment sector.

DevDosh Ltd covered other high profile names on the list include Amazon’s very owns Jeff Bezos who is second on the list based the work he has done in the retail and logistics sector. Jeff recently shook up the retail, grocery and logistic sectors when he acquired a whole foods US grocery chain for 13.7Bn forcing companies to look at how they do things if they hope to hold onto their market share.

Coming in at the number 1 spot is Cheung Chung Kiu chairman of CC Land based in Hong Kong who own the 1.15Bn Leadenhall Building in London, or the building you might know as the’ Cheesegrater’.

There recent purchase of the building regardless of the current Brexit situation has set the bar in the London property market and is the yardstick to which the cream of the crop of the commercial property markets in the capital will be measured.

After a challenging year in global politics, advances in technology, mergers and acquisitions and new arrival keeping the sector on its toes, this year’s list is a testament to just how hard it is to preserve power and influence in the UK property sector.

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