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DevDosh Ltd recently found out that the UK government wants to make Britain as slick as greased lightning as they move full speed ahead with their 400 million GBP fund to encourage investment in “full fibre” broadband.

This means internet speeds of as high as 1Gbps will be available to homes and businesses in the UK

These speeds will be accomplished by running fibre-optic directly into the properties as opposed to the traditional method of copper cables connecting to a roadside box.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as it will be a huge undertaking to make “full fibre” optics common place in the homes of today.

In DevDosh Ltd opinion, 1Gbps is more get up and go than most homes and businesses need at this moment in time but the plan is aimed at preparing households for the digital future, and to avoid any Star Trek inspired moments of “I just don’t have the power captain.”

The Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund’s objective is to enhance the number of premises with connection to “ultra-fast” broadband over the next four years.

In 2017 only 2% of UK homes can connect to “Ultra-Fast” broadband compared to 80% in Spain.

The powers that be are looking to boost the 400 million GBP fund to 1Bn GBP with the help of private investment.

The fund will be managed by Amber Infrastructure and M&G Investments.

“Traditionally in Britain, full fibre has been difficult to finance because the industry is relatively young and a lack of certainty around future demand makes investment hard to secure,” the Treasury said in a press release.

“This has held back alternative providers from entering the market, and consumers have been left with limited choice, which, in turn, has restricted their ability to benefit from this latest technology.”

The plan is also set to help SME’s in the UK as the fund is aimed at attracting small network builders that have a tougher time securing funds compared to your big players in the industry such as Virgin Media and BT Openreach.

What’s more, it will need an army of construction workers, and the companies digging up the streets are already worrying about where they will come from post-Brexit.

DevDosh Ltd thinks that before anyone rush’s out to get involved in what can only be described as just another alternative collective scheme you should know a few things.

The government in a bid to try and get more positive headlines into the media has announced this same investment fund three times in the last six months alone, and there is yet to be any rock solid figures announced as far as what the investor can expect in the way of returns.

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