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Foreign investment into the UK property market is as popular as ever, with investors from the Gulf, China and India all buying up swathes of buildings in London.

South African Investors could soon follow suit as they like many of their compatriots in the UK have a change of heart and want alternative buy to let investments.

Investors looking for alternative buy to let investments are not restricted to landlords in the United Kingdom as BTL investments are on the decline in South Africa.

It is common knowledge that landlords in the UK are going through tough times at the moment with changes to the buy to let market coming on what seems like a day to day basis.

FNB Estate Agent in South Africa conducted a survey that suggests estimates in recent quarters dropping slightly as a percentage of total home buying.

The amount of secondary homes purchased in South Africa was lower in the third quarter than in the second quarter – the second consecutive quarter of decline.

Along with the drop in second home purchases, there was a quarterly decline in the estimated percentage of buy-to-let investments.

The decline was due to people “offloading” investment properties, as investors seek out alternative buy to let investments, according to John Loos, household and property sector strategist at FNB.

“Perhaps it is to be expected that, in these tougher economic times, secondary home buying overall would be placed ‘on the back-burner’ by many, given its non-essential nature, and that the levels of such home buying would be mediocre at best,” explained Loos.

“Although two quarters does not yet constitute a confirmed trend, we would expect to see some decline in these current times of very weak household sector and consumer confidence, times which usually lead to a greater level of financial caution.”

According to the FNB Estate Agent Survey, secondary residential property purchases reached its highest levels in years when it 14.47% in the first quarter of 2017 – the highest estimated levels since the end of 2009.

These figures represent a significant drop in secondary property purchase and buy to let investments from the pre 2008 financial crisis levels of over 20% at certain times.

Another sure sign that investors want to put their hard earned capital into alternative buy to let investments.

Buy to let investments declined an estimated 1.5 % down from 9.77% to 8.23%.

A large proportion of South African investors sold investment properties due to lower-than-expected return on investment.

This is why according to a recent article by the online property news provider Property wire we are seeing an influx of South African property investors into the UK property market.

Due largely to the stronger rand against the pound exchange rate, with an effective discount of 21% due to currency changes since the Brexit vote, new research suggests.

So like many landlords in the UK S.A investors are actively hunting for alternative buy to let investments to show them better returns.

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