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DevDosh Ldt discovered since the last financial crisis of 2008, Spain like a number of European countries have been put through the wringer economically speaking.

The latest research is giving strong indications that Spain is heading for better times with predicted levels of gross domestic product to be above pre-2008 levels.

When Spain adopted the Euro it set in motion events that led to excessive borrowing within the country, with interest artificially reduced, borrowing was at amounts never seen before and with this we saw record number of house sales and developments with bloated real estate prices.

So when the great crash of 2008 showed its ugly head the amount of debt the country had through this excessive borrowing caused a large scale property crash.

DevDosh Ltd saw housing developments grind to a halt left unfinished and unsold, coupled that there was no more property finance led to a huge drop in property prices.

Enough of the doom and gloom as I said before Spain is now heading for a nice tequila sunrise, since 2014 the country has seen ascending and continuous growth in the economy, with Spain last year surpassing economic growth of other EU countries at 3.2%

This economic growth is having a positive impact on the property market with demand and house prices steadily increasing over the last 3 years.

Going on alongside the increased property demand is a renewed appetite from the financial institutions to lend the money again.

Some of these financial institutions happen to be offshore bank investing into lending platforms to meet with the new demand in prime property.

DevDosh Ltd are now seeing increased interest from overseas investors once again.

So Spain like the UK are seeing property re-emerge as the investment of choice and a large proportion of the funding coming from the investment schemes like crowdfunding or investment trusts.

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