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DevDosh Ltd remembered in was some time ago now when the Romans built Hadrians wall to keep out those troublesome scots and how things have changed as UK property investors clambering over themselves for property north of the border.

Endinburgh has always had much to offer the tourist from great festival and mid blowing architecture, now it is also offering up great property investment opportunities for the buy-to-let sector.

Putting all that Edinburgh has to offer aside the most attractive thing as far as an investor is concerned is the difference in house prices between London and Edinburgh, the gap in price is at its highest in 20 years.

As far DevDosh Ltd over look the average house price in Edinburgh is just 206,000 GBP and has seen a growth rate of over 5% in the last 12 months  alone, which is a stark contrast to London’s 492,000 GBP average and 3.3% growth in the same time period.

Another Scottish city showing strong signals to would be UK property investor is Glasgow with the average price at lowly 117,000 GBP this would make a very shrewd buy-to-let investment.

Charles McCosh, lettings and investments value at Rettie & Co in Edinburgh, says: “We are seeing a lot of English investors looking at Scotland now. A lack of stock on the sales market means people are looking to rent instead, and I think one- or two-bedroom flats, which can be found all over Edinburgh, make the best investments as they appeal to numerous different tenant types.”

Before you take the plunge and go out and purchase yourself a property in Scotland for the purpose of buy-to-let there are somethings you should be aware of.

DevDosh Ltd also see as of January next year Scotland will making reforms to further protect its tenants, who currently pay no letting agent fees.

“The new tenancy regime will end the concept of an initial fixed tenancy term and the automatic right of landlords to recover their property,” says Mr. Campbell.

Scotland will also be launching a new scheme called the rent-to-rent scheme which makes it the responsibility of the landlord to check that the tenant has the right to live in the UK.

Mr. Campbell says: “Good landlords should have nothing to fear from these changes, but many adjustments to practices will be needed. There is more reason than ever to use good and fully regulated agents.”

If you are no longer feeling “right at home” with the world of buy-to-let investments but still see UK property investments as “as safe as houses” visit DevDosh Ltd today to find out more about our property investment schemes.