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London is the capital of the United Kingdom, but it is also the UK property investment capital.

It seems that on a daily basis we are being told of a new property investment hotspot situated somewhere within the UK, the latest is in the picturesque county of Kent in the South West of England.

One can understand why this could be the next property investment hotspot as Kent is a beautiful place with many attractions to offer such as Canterbury Cathedral, endless rolling countryside (hence its nickname the Garden of England) and last but by no means least excellent infrastructure and transport links:

  • High-speed rail link to London
  • Eurostar
  • And the lesser known Hythe & Dymchurch Railway opened 1927, covering a 13-mile area of the Kent coast.

This railway section is vital to the up and coming developments taking place in Hythe a cheaper option to the free spirited Whitstable.

Martello Lakes, fractionally outside Hythe has two, three and four-bedroom homes on the market from £199,995 to £359,995.

“Martello Lakes is a long-term development over a number of years,” says Steven Way, a surveyor for Collier Stevens in Hythe.

“When it is finished it will be something like 500 homes.”

Keith Rogans, managing director of CR Child & Partners says  “Lots of people can work from home, but have a fast access when they need to and they can get much better value for money and quality of life from having a home in the Hythe area.”

There is outlined planning permission for up to 1,000 new homes.

There are also proposals to build a 12,000- home garden town, Otterpool Park, near Hythe, which could be underway by 2020.

This all sounds very appealing if you ask me, what could be nicer than retirement property in the Garden of England only I hope skip and a jump from both London and Europe.

I for one will be keeping a close eye on the developments, and will let you know as and when we have relevant updates.

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