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Property investment as an asset class has always been a staple of any investors portfolio both with institutional and private clients.

For the average UK citizen buying their own property whether it be for a home or an investment, this will represent possibly the largest investment they will ever make, some may even go on to be a full time property investor and forge a living this way.

UK property is a good asset class to invest into, backed by the UK legal system, solid foundations and an ever increasing demand for good quality properties

It has a proven track record in its ability to weather even the strongest of political and economical storms.

Since the financial crash of 2008 they have recovered and grown by more than 43% even with economic turbulence – and the shock Brexit referendum result.

Traditionally the only way for your average investor to get involved in the property market was limited to the buy-to-let sector, introduced back in the 1990’s and grown in popularity ever since.

UK’s private rented sector accounts for more than 20% of all homes, totalling 5.4 million dwellings.

Knight Frank predicts that by 2021, that will rise to 24%.

Then there was the introduction of investment platforms, which have opened up formerly inaccessible asset classes to a larger number of potential investors.

For many years, access to house finance investments was the reserve of banks, hedge funds and a handful of ultra-high net worth individuals. But new investment platforms have made it possible for a wider spectrum of investors to gain access to and see more of the upside from residential property investment in all of its forms.

There is large selection of property investment platforms to choose from now, sometimes making it difficult for the investor to know which way to go.

Not all property investment funds are created equal.

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