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Property investment as an asset class has to have one of the most successful track records of all asset classes, it has delivered time and time again no matter the financial weather or economic climate, property investments will always succeed if done correctly.

As with all investments there is always risk and the risk will vary depending on the type of property investment use choose to engage in, this again like all investments is why diversification is of paramount importance.

That is why timing is a crucial factor in property investment also, one must always be on the lookout for a bargain or the next up-and-coming area, and these can arise in places that are not always obvious to the untrained eye.

Here is a list of 4 countries where a property investment right now would make sense.


This is a country with a lot to offer with great beaches, restaurants, golf courses and nightlife it is attracting more and more visitors every year, houses are more in demand than ever, meaning you can buy and sell them quite quickly.

So, if you’re looking for great property investments, give Portugal some of your attention as this is a majestic country.


Singapore is experiencing low property prices at the moment. This makes it ideal to invest some money in the cheap real estate, then hold onto it until the prices rise.


Housing demand is up, and there’s a huge demand for rental properties.

The cost of real estate is cheap.

United Kingdom

London doesn’t have enough property for the residents living there this means it’s a buy-to-let haven with so many working people looking for places to live.

UK investments also have the benefit of a fairly predictable property market. Things have generally increased over the years

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