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DevDosh Ltd discovered that when it comes to property development one of biggest problems if not the biggest is planning permission, this is especial the case when it is a multi-property development.

This could all be set to change if the recent support from the central government continues.

For a number of reasons and not just because of the current political climate surrounding Brexit and the general election many of the larger UK property investors have taken a more long term approach to their investment strategy.

Research from real estate firm Knight Frank has shown that as many as two thirds of these investors expect to hold onto the investment for a decade or longer.

The research also showed that the majority of investors will be concentrating their efforts in London and the surrounding areas, with only as little as 35% looking at areas outside that of London.

Early this year DevDosh Ltd heard from the prime minister herself in the governments Housing White Paper that  explained more needed to be done to tackle the housing shortage in the UK.

It was also stated that one of the key areas that they were looking at improving to attract more, small to medium size UK property developers was stream-lining the whole planning policy process in hope that this will encourage more build to rent developments.

The Government is also looking to free up land under their control that could possibly be used for future developments.

In DevDosh Ltd opinion , any of the investors not keen on the idea of holding onto the development for as long as a decade will have the opportunity to sell it on as an investment.

‘As the market becomes more established and more liquid, it is likely that the second option will be preferable,’ the report says.

There is a huge opening for the corporate developer’s right now with only 12% of privately rented accommodation run by large property companies and private institutions.

The Housing White Paper outlined its support to allow build to rent developers to control all aspects of the builds from the private rental and the affordable housing.

The larger rental providers have pledged to increase tenancies to 3 years for increased stability for tenants.

Michael Wolfson, senior capital markets research analyst at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, said the UK can learn from the United States which has a very well-established multi-housing sector with purpose built rented accommodation.

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