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DevDosh Ltd provide a very straight forward fixed income investment product. Our investors capital is lent to property developers as the principle sum in a 1st charge real estate development mortgage. The property developers repays the principle sum and interest and and that is returned to the investor as capital and yield.

What makes it simpler and safer still is that there is no merging of debt. DevDosh Ltd fixed income investments are not spread to fund multiple borrowers or developments. Each facility is set up and run for a single, superbly underwritten, equity rich 1st charge real estate development mortgage.

In the unlikely event that the property developer were to default on repayment, then, just like a bank, DevDosh Ltd would foreclose on the development and liquidate the assets to make our investors whole.

Unfortunately the same level of simplicity and security is not available in the corporate bond market. Corporate bonds are the main component of the debt investment market. Corporations like to raise debt finance via a bond issuance as the finance provided comes with fewer questions and less perview than a bank loan. Corporate bonds are issued by corporations to finance expenditure and fund daily operational costs. Unlike the DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product bonds come in many different guises and understanding them is essential to ensure they meet your risk profile. At the end of the day, where you come in the payout hierarchy should the borrower default is essential.

For investments where you are the most senior debt partner and hold 1st charge over assets and land which exceed the level of capital exposed contact DevDosh Ltd today.