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Interesting that within days of the DevDosh Ltd article on Glasgow Rangers bond debacle costing fans a fortune – (DevDosh Ltd : Glasgow Rangers Debenture Debacle) Wimbledon Football Club have hit their issuance deadline with a very similar offering.

Reading the Dons Trust, Plough Lane Bond website you can see the positive sentiment oozing out of every syllable. These guys and gals truly love their club and want to do everything they can to get it back home. They are clearly putting themselves on the line and pushing the envelope to achieve their goals.

Having found that sentiment carries little weight with finance houses, they are turning to their fellow fans to raise the capital needed.

Their ambitions are lofty and they are doing well. Their warm market research indicated that they could expect a bond issuance take up of £3.5m. Today 14th February 2020 at 11.42am Bali time (sue me, I live in a tropical paradise) their website shows that they have raised £4,246,544. That figure is well above forecast and very near their £5m target. Fingers crossed the final three quarters of a mill will tumble in during the course of the day.

Their rational seems to be clear based on the information given on their website. They need £11m for their construction project and are looking to raise a 45% deposit. At circa £4.25 mill deposit they still have a reasonable deposit so should be able to negotiate faire finance terms with that.

It’s an awesome project and I wish everyone well. Fans investing do need to read the legals pages on the Plough Lane Bond website and understand the classification of the bond. It is unsecured. That means that should anything go wrong they will be at the bottom of the payout list Kudos to the Dons Trust though, the have not been to shy about making this clear to anyone bothered to read the small print. Of course everyone hopes that the future of the club runs smooth and the fans drive this project to absolute success across the board.

This is one project DevDosh Ltd will be watching with interest.

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