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Anyone involved in the UK property market is well aware of the chasme of difference paid for a property in the capital compared to the rest of the country, what may not be as well known is the staggering sums paid for a lowly beach hut. Where people spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on small sheds with no plumbing, privacy or security.

Two huts on Mudeford Spit, a beach near Bournemouth in Dorset, are on sale for £275,000, prices believed to be the highest in history. With  more than a few interested parties ready to try and snap up the properties (if indeed you can call them that).

At £1,600 per square foot the hut costs the same as property in London’s Chelsea. The buyer will also have to pay £2,000 a year to the local council for a license plus £500 council tax. The council, by the way, has the power to force you to move the hut at any time.

James Ricketts, an estate agent for Denisons, which is selling two of the huts the huts, said: “They don’t normally hang about very long, they are very popular. I think people are a bit bonkers to be honest but I’m just selling them, not buying them.”

Ray Boulger, a mortgage expert at Jon Charcol, said:

“The key requirement for most lenders is the property has to be habitable,” he said. “There’s no toilet or running water and you can’t live in it all year. Some smaller lenders will look on a case by case basis, but it will be very difficult.”

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