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London property investments has a lot to cotend with recently with Brexit, and major geopolitical ituations happening around the world world (with alarming frequency), but it seems no matter what happens London can ride the wave and remain the poster boy of property investments.

The is true with investors from the Middle East especially The United Arab Emirates, but a recent survey from IP Global shows that UAE investors are casting their net further afield as they entertain property investments  in the regional cities of Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool due to their high rental yields and capital growth.

Property investments in these regions are attracting attention from overseas investors thanks to their growing economies and populations, meaning a rise house prices in the not so distant future.

Richard Bradstock, Head of Middle East at IP Global, commented: “In the Middle East, we have experienced a shift in investor behaviour. …factors like its [London’s] chronic housing deficit and the government’s increased spending on infrastructure, mean that the city remains appealing as property prices continue to rise.”

He added: “UAE residents are looking for more affordable options, with greater returns over a five to ten year period, and are now exploring regional cities and the commuter belt of London.”

Areas in and around outer London are seen as a solid property investment choice.

The new rail link underway the Elizabeth Line will be a transport lifeline by carrying 200 million passengers every year, so this will have a huge impact on property investment in the outer regions.

Property prices in parts of the Crossrail route are estimated to increase by as much as 20 per cent.

Birmingham recent property investment renosance has the 20-year Big City Plan to thank, which includes a GBP1 billion (AED4.98bn) infrastructure investment into transport and public services, resulting in rents rising 24 per cent in Birmingham City Centre in the past 12 months.

Manchester is a mecca for property investors, as lower property prices make for greater profits. Still, with property prices expected to increase by 28.2 per cent from 2017 to 2021.

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