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UK investments, more specifically property investment articles are “my thing” you may have already guessed, so when I read such an article by a chap that goes by the name of Len Russo I thought I would share what he had to say, I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Len started the article on the information age that we live in, and how many people just take it for granted, or how he put it ”We live in an age where we can access anything at our fingertips, regardless of the time of day or our location, and we absolutely take it for granted.”

Len goes onto make a valid point regarding online retail and how we have more choice than ever, and as such we a buying at an unprecedented level.

With the massive increase in retail consumption comes a monumental logistics task at the back end of retail, as more and more space is needed to store and deliver the products, and in Lens words “this is fast approaching boiling point.”

This is where UK investments become relevant.

2016 saw a record breaking year in the demand for industrial space and this continued into 2017 with H1 2017 there was 6.8m sq ft of take-up of units larger than 250,000 sq ft. This equates to 28% above the 10-year average and 8% above the five-year average.

If demand keeps up at this rate the UK will run out of industrial space in around a years- time, sound like a UK investment opportunity to anyone else.

The availability of units of more than 100,000 sq ft has decreased by 72% since 2010, with only 17m sq ft of industrial space under construction.

So right now we see a huge demand for UK investments in this sector, forward-funding opportunities in industrial property is rapidly expanding.

A survey conducted by Colliers revealed only 5,413 acres of prime UK logistics land with planning consent.

So although there are sites with the capacity of accommodating new industrial buildings, overall there is very little land available.

The Competition for land in the UK shows no signs of changing pace. The property sector needs finds ways to combine ascetically pleasing approaches to development that incorporates industrial occupiers alongside residential and other uses.

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