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Now DevDosh Ltd is not proposing for one moment that money is the key to happiness but it most certainly does not hurt.

Not everyone, but the vast majority of people would like more financial freedom and security for themselves and their family, to have the ability to give their loved ones the very best in life from dream holidays to a nice home, and not to have financial worry hanging over them.

DevDosh Ltd found that in the UK statistics show that a person will reach their peak earning potential by the time they reach 38 years of age, this number has been steadily rising over the past few decades. What is also a cold hard fact is that it is more than probable your outgoings are also at their highest, with the cost of living rising faster than wages just how do you go about achieving important financial goals like being mortgage free and saving for the best retirement possible.

One key approach is to get your money working for you as hard as you work for your money and the best way to do this (especially at the moment with interest rates so low) is to invest your capital.

There is a whole host of options to choose from when considering investments with varying levels of risks and rewards and you must find which is best suited to you, but so many of us in the UK do not invest at all, why is that?

UK savers have around €2trn in deposits, they have €947bn in investment funds and shares

DevDosh Ltd thinks that it can be summed up with the help of one word and that is trust.

There is a deep and underlying skepticism of the financial institutions when it comes to investments, some of this can be put down to a lack of knowledge about the markets and some of the failings of these institutions to deliver in the past.

This would be a good time to tell you that only 3% of the British population do not invest because they deem it too expensive with a further 6% stating the reason being they “don’t trust financial institutions to look after their money”.

The two biggest reasons are a lack of disposable income and the risk involved with investing.

We have all heard the sayings that “it takes money to make money” and “can you afford not to” so with this in mind why are people not taking the plunge with UK investments.

The financial institutions are largely to blame in DevDosh Ltd opinion and the reason we say this is based on one major factor, and that is a complete lack of transparency. There are risks involved in every investment we make from purchasing our homes, our cars, the job we choose and the investments we make. The reason we still go ahead and make these decisions is due to making a calculated risk that is based on as much relevant information as we can get our hands on.

So much of the financial markets happens behind closed does with a shroud of secrecy covering it, so how are people supposed to trust them an investment should not be a leap of faith.

If investors or potential investors for that matter have all the information they require from the start of the process to the end of the process so an educated informed decision can be made and the risk calculated, I personally believe more people would invest.

So as financial institutions let us start to be more open and honest with fees we charge, more realistic with the returns that we say will make and most importantly exactly what risks are involved, after all, if you are truly confident in your product or service what do you have to lose.

For information regarding property investment schemes with annual returns of as much as 10% with limited risk visit DevDosh Ltd today.