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Investing is the process of positioning capital to benefit from future events. It’s all about looking forward. That is why, as investors, we are always looking for the most accurate forward indicators that nobody else is factoring in to their asset selection process.

If I were to give you an opening wrap for equities in this moment (in Asia where I am based) it would be this:

  • Asian indices – heavy losses following historic US overnight drop on investor sentiment relating to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Japan – Nikkei 225 one of the biggest losers in the region down 8.01%
  • India – Nifty 50 hit its 10% circuit breaker
  • Australia – S&P/ASX 200 recovering 1.01% recovering earlier losses

People mistake that type of information for news. It isn’t. All it really does for investors is give them some background for the landscape they are about to deploy capital into.

  • On the 26th February in this very blog I called long on the VIX and it’s up 48 points in 10 days
  • On the 6th March on Twitter and LinkedIn I called short travel and tourism and now international travel bans are hitting

They were both obvious plays which I was actually late on calling because I am focused on DevDosh Ltd and not the markets these days – but don’t you wish you had taken those tips?

Right now, equity investors should be day trading like animals. Volatility creates opportunity and I’ve done other blogs on that too.

Simultaneously, when the markets close, investors need to be setting up their long/short portfolio positions for when the VIX drops. It’s not down to me to feed you investment ideas but the picture accompanying this article may give you some food for thought.

Of course, if all this research and position maintenance is simply to much work or, if you would simply like to increase your fixed income/alternative investment asset allocation during this time of uncertainty then contact DevDosh Ltd today for the safest 10% return in the market place.