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As DevDosh Ltd has heard of the North South divide in the United Kingdom and in the past this was never more the case when it came to UK property as investors concentrated their efforts in and around London.

But the City of Manchester could be about to change all that as we see the city become a true front runner in UK property investments.

Even with the recent changes we have seen in the buy-to-let market we are seeing a large number of first time UK property investors choosing Manchester to make their first purchase.

Manchester is the top 10 places for rental growth in the UK partly driven by a large number of young professional basing themselves out of the city, this is one of the catalysts for a 9% year-on-year rental yield increase, a very good reason so many investors are being enticed to Manchester.

The city is seeing rental yields that are outperforming much of the rest of the country some of them are listed below:

  • Pendleton, Claremont, Langworthy and Salford @ 8.84%
  • Average monthly rent is 1,034 GBP
  • Good local infrastructure
  • Great University‚Äôs
  • Moss Side, Rusholme, Followfield @ 8%

City center property is highly sought after regardless of the increase in Stamp Duty, according to DevDosh Ltd.

Manchester has seen major extensive regeneration in recent times giving employment a huge push in the right direction.

There is also a booming student population for any investors seeking student accommodation investments outside of that of London.

A growing population and the construction of nearly 20,000 new homes around the city means the potential for investment will continue to grow for some time to come.

With the surge in property investment in the Manchester area this is another strong sign that the UK property market still strong and plenty of good investment opportunities to be had.

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