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DevDosh Ltd would like to tell you about a great speech that was given by a serving member of the MPC recently.

Professor Jonathan Haskel is a professor at the Imperial College Business School, economist and external member of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) for the Bank of England. He was awarded the honour of Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2018 for his public services to economics including his research into the intangible economy.

It was a very fortunate Nottingham University therefore that got to host a speech from this very fellow on this very subject a few short days ago;and because Mr Haskel is a member of the MPC he gave a very interesting insight as to how the intangible economy may impact economic policy decisions of developed countries around the world.

After thanking cohorts, contributors and the university itself for its fine work Haskel started getting to the meat and potatoes of his speech.

The economies of the US and Europe and have shifted their investment towards the intangible economy. The tangible economy is based upon things that one can touch or measure like machinery and equipment. The intangible economy are things that have little to no physical substance like software, research and databases.

Very interesting you say – but what does that have to do with monetary policy in difference advanced economies?

Monetary policy is largely about maintaining stability.

Part of that stability is creditors securing loans with appropriate levels of collateral and not over expose their risk. However with a world moving further into the intangible and collateral valuations on such assets being hard to place where does that leave the borrowers and lenders of the future?

We at DevDosh Ltd strongly suggest you Google the speech and see what the great man has to say for yourselves. It is well worth your time!

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