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UK investors are set for a nice little payday later this year as British property group Hansteen Holdings proposed to return 580 million pounds ($744 million) to shareholders by the end of 2017 the money used will be the proceeds from the sale of its German and Dutch industrial property portfolios.

The company reported a 2.8 percent growth in net asset value to 132.5 pence for the six months to June 30, from 128.9 pence on Dec. 31, citing strong investment and occupier demand.

“For the first time in many years strong occupier demand has resulted in increasing rents per let square foot and it looks as though this trend will continue,” the British industrial property developer said in a statement.

The UK industrial property market continues to best all other European real estate sectors this year. Hansteen said Internet retail expansion supported its market.

Hansteen concentrated on Britain after selling its German and Dutch industrial property portfolios for 1.28 billion euros ($1.50 billion) to a venture between Blackstone Group LP and M7 Real Estate. The deal completed in June.

They continue to increase their exposure in the UK property markets, which according to many analysts is facing a shortage of industrial property.

In July Hansteen completed the purchase of Multi Property Trust in July, adding a portfolio of 51 properties and offering 500 units for lease.

Hansteen has not been affected by the Brexit vote, on the contrary, they have seen its UK business show growth over the first six months of the year, helped largely by rental growth and successful asset management initiatives.

The developer’s November interim dividend had increased to 2.3 pence per share, up from 2.2 pence a year ago, it said

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