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Britain has always been home to some of the brightest minds in the world, from scientists, engineers, mathematicians the list is endless, the UK’s economic strength has always been “the ingenuity of its people.”

World renowned financial, law and educational institutions are the order of the day in the UK, Trinity College, Cambridge has produced nine-times as many Nobel-winning scientists as China.

But as the Financial Times put it “Britain’s intellectual vibrancy has been matched by its appalling record of commercializing inventions.”

The FT writes that a huge factor is also foreign investment as many of the technology advances hailing from the Emerald Isle finds its way in to foreign buyers.

With every economic mind in the UK concentrated on a plan for the country’s financial future in a post-Brexit Britain, the FT asks, ”it is worth reconsidering the structures of the country’s investment regime.”

“The first principle to reaffirm is that Britain remains open for business and warmly welcomes foreign investment, including takeovers.”

Foreign investors have had a huge impact on keeping the UK economy on steady ground in uncertainty times, one example, the British car industry has been revived over the past two decades, largely thanks to Japanese, German, and Indian investment.

Firstly the government needs to play their part and help fund companies that have new technology that could make a real difference.

The UK government has highlighted robotics and artificial intelligence as strategic economic priorities.

Secondly the UK government must look at foreign investments made by companies that are effectively state controlled or funded.

One solution would be for the UK to create an inter-agency investment body, similar to the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States, to review foreign investments on the grounds of national security and economic strategy.

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