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Mouths on sticks are saying that the UK can’t have our cake and eat it too. Actually at DevDosh Ltd we think we can.

The point they are missing is that the cake is freedom and sovereignty. Not every mouthful of that cake will taste great, but as every grown up knows, that is the price one pays for responsibility.

The noise makers are pitting finance and fisheries against each other. Alas there is no competition.

According to figures available on the internet UK fishing waters produced 724,000 tons of fish with a value of £980m in 2017. EU fisher-people (is that a thing yet?) fished 700,000 tons of fish out of UK waters in 2014.

On a side note it looks like we basically gave away half our fishing income. Did the EU need half our fishing industry? I’m not sure because the same reports that provide the information above (Gardian/fullfact) also say that the 700,000 tons is part of an overall catch of 6m tons. Isn’t 5.3m tons enough for them?)

Anyway if we extrapolate the sums from rather old data we can establish that if we got all the UK fishing waters back under our control we would have a fishing industry nearing the £2B mark. There would also be some benefits around sustainability as we would probably not fish the waters to death.

For the sake of this article and illustrative purposes lets whack on an extra 25% of value because UK fisher people are going to start wrapping fish up in blankets and feeding them diamonds as they sail back to shore. So, in our perfect fishing world we control our own waters and have a massively inflated fishing industry that is worth £2.5B a year.

If we go ahead and compare that to UK/EU finance business relationship we see the financial services exported £25.8B of services to the EU in 2017.

As either or choices go it isn’t a hard choice. If you had a shop and one product line made you £2.50 a year and another made you £25 a year which product should you keep on the shelf?

But what everyone misses is that it isn’t an either or situation. Just because the EU may tell us we have to choose one or the other in a trade off for their favour doesn’t mean we have to. We voted for this country to take back control, and that control also means being able to say, actually, we stand by both industries. Both industries have real people, families, villages, cities and economies that rely on their well being. We will fight for their rights to flourish in a fair and just world of like minded contemporaries.

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