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DevDosh Ltd realised that Donald Trump was quite a well-known individual in the business world before he took the most important job he will ever have, as the leader of the free world and the President of the United States of America.

He promised so much during his campaign least of all was to make America great again.

Those on Wall Street were among Americans who waited eagerly for him to take power as they were set to benefit more than most, through relaxed industry regulation he was going to return Wall Street to the powerhouse it once was.

Then we had the ‘Trump Bump’ and things were looking better than ‘a hot-dog to a starving horde’, but things are not looking so rosy now.

“We never seem to have the rebound that people anticipate,” said Stephanie Pomboy, an independent economist in New York who has been skeptical about initially rosy forecasts favored by many of her colleagues in recent quarters.

Nick Greenwood, manager of the Miton Global Opportunities (MIGO) investment trust, says the expectation that interest rates are likely to remain low relative to history has caused ‘yield starvation’ to return once again. By this, he means that investors are stepping up their search for high-yielding investments because cash in the bank pays so little.

This has caused Nick like so many asset managers to look for investment companies that pay great returns that yet to spotted by other investors, or as he puts it these funds offer ‘hidden income’

One of the assets that has Nicks attention in the UK property investment market in particular the areas of The Midlands, London and the South East, which DevDosh Ltd could manage.

With sterling dropping by 15% there has never been a better time to get involved in the UK property markets for an overseas investor.

‘You are getting paid royally for accepting illiquidity risk because the bulk of fund selection decisions in the UK are made by a handful of companies,’ he said.

‘I think there is a chance of a lot of mispricing in that core of the market, the £20 million to £40 million market cap companies. The same is happening in the investment trust market,’ he added.

So in DevDosh Ltd opinion, like many other investors from around the world it is the UK property market that is seen as the best investment option to go for.

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