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Great news. Everyone that wasted money on day trading courses that promised massive incomes by following technical signals on candle charts may actually be able to productively employ their education.

The VIX closed out yesterday at 27.85 implying that the equity markets as defined by the S&P500 have 2.32% wiggle room over the next 30 days; and it’s climbing. Will it go or is it already high enough for traders to divest themselves of medium and long term time horizon positions, roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty with the Algo’s?

Well the answer from DevDosh Ltd HQ is, if not today then more than likely by the end of the week. The market seems to have ignored Corona for as long as it can and investors are either running scared or becoming panic stricken by other participants; and bearing in mind U.S. stocks have fallen (albeit from inflated prices) to a 12 week low and bond yields have dropped over global supply chain concerns it’s no wonder either. The market is pricing in an undeniable economic slowdown which, by the very nature of the consumer model has to impact already poor company earnings.

  • S&P 500 down 3.2%
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average down 3.3%
  • NASDAQ Composite down 2.9%
  • All-Country World Index down 2.4%
  • Stoxx Europe 600 down 1.8%

We are not at Baron Rothchild’s resurrection point just yet (Google him) but historically it is worth pointing out that our shockingly overpriced equity markets were due for a correction and this could be just the opportunity investors that were slow to exploit the bull run of the last decade needed to make up some of the returns they missed out on.

Of course, if all this is to much for you. If you don’t want to compete with computers that can place thousands of trades a second and know how you are going to trade before you do you can can always review your fixed income strategy. DevDosh Ltd offers the safest 10% yield in the today’s fixed income market. We are simple, safe and waiting to hear from you to see how we can help.