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Buy-to-let alternative investment is a hot topic at the moment, since all of the recent changes to stamp duty, tax relief, lending criteria and the mountain of capital tax gains landlords have been subjected too, many may be looking for a way out.

Many of the landlords that have been in the game property for a long time will have slowly seen the returns decrease and their workload increase, this is not how investments should work so who can blame them for looking for a buy-to-let alternative.

Apart from the purchase of your home the largest investment the majority of us will make is in a pension plan.

Pensions have been under the microscope a lot over the past few years, as we here as more and more pensions are not performing as they should, and after management fees a large proportion are hardly turning a profit.

A big problem with pension portfolio’s is the way that individuals view them, as more of a savings account rather than an investment, but that is what is exactly what they are an investment.

Property has been the cornerstone of investors pension portfolio’s for as far back as I can remember, to help save for retirement and to provide regular income well into retirement years.

So if buy to let is just not your “cup of tea” anymore what buy-to-let-alternative is there to choose from?

With the use of a self-invested personal pension (Sipp) product there is a myriad of property investment options that investors have.

Simon Heawood, chief executive at, said: “Many still consider residential property to be an attractive investment option for retirement planning and there have been long-standing demands from investors and advisers alike for its inclusion in tax-efficient pension wrappers. “

For a tax efficient, asset-backed, UK based property investment product that offers a fixed income of a market beating 10% annually, safely, making it a perfect component of any balanced pension portfolio. Please call Devdosh Ltd on tel: +44 (0) 20 7193 7797 or visit us at for further information.