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DevDosh Ltd found another alternative investments continue to go from strength to strength and that has given birth in the last few years to the Build-To-Rent sector.

We have heard time and time again from numerous governments that they plan to tackle the problem in the UK with the lack of affordable housing, the iron lady was going to deal with it, good old Tony was going to give it a go but other issues got in the way, and now Theresa wants a go.

Earlier this year the government released the Housing White Paper and included was their proposal to make it easier to gain planning permission so more developments could happen.

This is a little extract from the government’s Build-To-Rent consultation paper:

In part, for DevDosh Ltd the emergence of this sector is due to actions taken by the Coalition Government following the 2012 Montague Review1 but it also reflects underlying demographic and economic conditions of high demand for rented housing and the abundant availability of institutional capital for investment in residential property.

The Government welcomes Build to Rent as a desirable and enduring feature of the housing market. This support is set out in the 2017 Housing White Paper2

The number of new Build- to- Rent homes constructed is steadily increasing, but the Government has heard from developers and investors that barriers to development remain and that the capital available for investment could be deployed faster if those barriers are overcome. Acquisition of land, the predictability and speed of planning decisions for this emerging sector and the negotiation of planning obligations relating to affordable housing are frequently cited as key barriers.

This consultation paper seeks views on planning measures intended to support Build- to-Rent through the planning system and make the benefits of Build- to- Rent more widespread.

These include the availability of longer tenancies (to those tenants who want one) and facilitating a new form of affordable housing, known as Affordable Private Rent.

We want to hear the views of developers and investors in the Build- to Rent- industry, local authorities and also developers and landlords of other housing tenures. This consultation will also be of interest to individuals living or intending to live in rented housing.

All responses to the paper should be submitted no later than 1st May 2017.

Now you can call me a cynic if you like and maybe that is the case, but this paper to me looks distinctly like an admission from the government that they have failed and have no real idea on exactly how to fix it.

Furthermore it looks like they want to dress it up that they are responsible for this fantastic new investment opportunity.

In DevDosh Ltd opinion (and that’s all it is an opinion) this looks like they are looking to get the private sector to do their work for them and in the process make some good money in taxes, and then claim the whole thing as a success of this government.

If you would like to read the full report, please see the link below:

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