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The Brexit Bounce is coming and DevDosh Ltd will make sure our investors and borrowers are riding high and enjoying the associated economic gains.

While many were trying to paint Brexit as racism others saw it as a financial mechanism to disengage from failing economies. While it is true the EU is our largest trading block partner when you break our current trading partners by size down on a country by country basis a picture begins to form.

(Export data is taken from 2018 figures as conclusive 2019 figures had not been released at the point of writing this article. On recent non conclusive figures China has become our 5th largest trading partner ahead of Ireland now. On that basis I have only taken the following list to 4th place as they remain consistent with 2018 data. GDP data is up to date at the time of writing the article.)


18.8% of UK exports go to the USA. USA GDP growth is up on the last quarter and 2.3% up quarter year on year


8.7% of UK exports go to Germany. German GDP growth is down on last quarter and only 0.4% up quarter year on year


6.9% of UK exports go to the Netherlands. The Netherlands GDP growth is down on last quarter and 1.5% up quarter year on year. The Netherlands are also saber rattling about leaving the EU.


6.5% of UK exports go to France. French GDP growth is down on the last quarter and only 0.8% up quarter year on year

European GDP (with the exception of 1 quarter) has declined steadily since Q3 2017 and is currently at a 6 year low. Is that really the club we want the UK to be tied to? Or would we rather be trading with the USA/China growing economies and free to trade with countries on the continents of Africa and Asia that are the fastest growing economies in the world.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a market analyst to do the maths on this one. The UK government has big plans. They want to reduce taxes, increase spending and are looking for a wave of enthusiasm and international growth to drive that forward.

DevDosh Ltd and our investors/clients plan to get with the programme and ride the wave of national success to a positive outcome. If you are an investor looking for the safest 10% fixed income return in today’s market place contact us today, and see how we can help.