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The bods at the Bank of England had a good chat yesterday. Shortly after political commentators filled copy and pushed agendas. The facts (according to the BoE) are the facts though. They must be viewed in cold impartial terms. Decision making criteria must be drawn and action taken to protect and grow capital.

The best place to collect accurate news is from the source. That’s why DevDosh Ltd go straight to the proverbial horses mouth. In this case its a quick visit to the BoE website. Then a download of the latest Monetary Policy Report. This document is as regular as a northern line tube, it appears every quarter.

For fixed income investors our primary concerns are interest and inflation rates. In short there is no change. The bank have decided to keep the interest rate to 0.75%. That leaves sufficient room to drop in the future should it be needed. Currently inflation is still below their 2% target. The BoE expect it to stay below 2% for the rest of the year.

The outlook is positive for growth. Although it has slowed down domestically the BoE is expecting our economy will rise on an international tide of development. Some other banking bods over at the International Monetary Fund are forecasting global growth to be 3.3% this year. Of course this isn’t a blanket figure and there will be winning and losing regions woven into the figure. In addition to that Brexit fatigue is waning. The Monthly Decision Maker Panel data clearly identifies that post Brexit sentiment is improving. That means the brakes will be coming off spending and inward investment is imminent. DevDosh Ltd is a prime example of this phenomena.

With regards to future investment strategy the news polarises risk profiles even more. Yield chasers will need to expose themselves to greater risks to find attractive returns. Typically growth is slowing in mature markets and increasing in the emerging ones. On that basis the likely hood of default and volatility increases in-line with the wealth building opportunity.

Fortunately DevDosh Ltd provide the safest 10% yield in today’s fixed income investment market. The investment is UK based and has multiple safe guards in place to protect our investors. Visit us today to find out more.