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DevDosh Ltd currently sees the number of investors both domestic and abroad looking for investments into the alternative investment market is still on the up and will continue to do so, or so it would seem.

The alternative investment arena is still a relatively new market for a good number of retail investors many did not invest at all until the emergence of more liquid unregulated collective investment schemes that came onto the scene in the last few years.

The meteoric rise of the alternative investment and the breakneck speed to which assets under management are continually being added is thanks to the obvious diversification benefits, the lack of returns from bonds and the complete lack of faith in equities these days.

Investors need to understand exactly what the UCIT’s can bring to the table in comparison to the more conventional alternative investments seen in the market.

The UCIT is geared towards the retail investor in its suitability with the added protections not found in the traditional hedge funds.

The UCIT gives the investor the opportunity to limit risk and maximize returns there are also key points that should be taken into account when considering the benefits of an unregulated investment scheme.

  • A clear investment strategy
  • The addition of something completely new to the portfolio and diversification is key especially in a financial crisis
  • Clear and defined returns after fees.

After all, in DevDosh Ltd opinion it is only an alternative investment if it adds something to the portfolio that traditional investments can’t.

UCIS are not a completely risk-free investment as such profits need to above that of what could be achieved by the likes of bonds or other more traditional investments.

For DevDosh Ltd, the most poignant points to take into consideration when thinking about investing into alternative UCIS is to be selective and cautious in your approach, and above all else clear in exactly what you are investing into.

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