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DevDosh Ltd is a dual core business model that provides a top quality UK fixed income, asset backed investment; and Senior Debt Finance to UK Property Developers.

DevDosh Ltd is a lean organisation with short lines of communication and a can do attitude that puts traditional financial institutions to shame. Our product and process champions business excellence in every aspect. We are highly results orientated, customer focused and pride ourselves on our accountable, ethical and transparent approach to serving both our investors and property development clients.

Our role is largely facilitative in nature. We enable our investment clients to benefit from the type of wealth building strategies previously reserved for the banking fraternity and our property development clients to access funding in a supportive and non-project detrimental environment.

Mike Galloway is the Principal and visionary force behind DevDosh Ltd.

Mike has enjoyed a successful career in Offshore Wealth Management based within the Asian emerging and developing economies. In recent years he has come to feel that traditional international wealth building instruments are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the conflicting interests of major world economies.

The Global Village is becoming so overcrowded with greed that the fight between national interests is destabalising the universal economy and making it unstable for traditional investors. (February 2016)

Mike Galloway

Managing Director, DevDosh Ltd

Mike believes that in the current market the greatest beneficial impact has to be perpetrated on a domestic level.

During a brief UK sabbatical (Feb-April 2016) Mike identified a domestic investment model which:

  • Represents investors interests in a way that generates significant returns in a controllable theatre
  • Represents investors interests in a way that protects capital invested
  • Represents investors interests with tax efficient exit set on entry
  • Offers investor returns which exceed current market offerings
  • Boosts regional economies by supporting property development and the construction industry
  • Replenishes affordable city centre housing stock for professionals and key workers

Mike subsequently incorporated DevDosh Ltd as a vehicle to investigate and develop this model while working back in Asia; and now, following a delay for Brexit and subsequently COVID-19 is formalising a product to launch in the UK Q2 2021.

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The DevDosh Ltd fixed income investment product is not suitable for everyone. Please visit our suitability page to gain a deeper understanding of your compatibility with the product.  As with all investments capital is at risk and there is a chance that you will get back less than you invested.

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