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DevDosh Ltd Retirement Planner helps you forecast your needs and prepare

Because you need to know
One of the aweful truths about retirement is that many have doomed themselves to an old age of discomfort through lack of forethought and planning. Due to the long time horizon people think they can put off planning. Then when they finally get around to having a look at the sums, the complex calculations are off putting.

A very general guide is that providing one ticks all the expected boxes such as mortgage paid, no children in the home etc then a £30,000 pa pension income will provide a “comfortable” retirement and £45,000 pa will see you on a long haul holiday and a new car every 5 years as well.

With life expectancy running at an average of 21 years after retirement that begs the question, “How close are you to having a minimum of £630,000 to £945,000 in savings or pension?

If you are like most people the answer is probably not very close. Out of 645,000 pension pots accessed during 2018-19 the average pot size was £61,897.

The planner below will give you a solid starting point. It will allow you to generate a good picture of what your retirement expenses will be and how that will compare to your retirement income. If a surplus figure shows then well done you, it’s time to look at intergenerational wealth strategy. If you show a deficit then it is time to roll up your sleeves and create a change.

Now you know
Action on surplus: Congratulate yourself. Now ask yourself, is the surplus large enough to be deployed into a diversified investment portfolio and go on to support your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Action on deficit: Avoid a financially deficient future by taking a proactive interest in investing your capital now.

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